The Baghdad government and its departments to develop consistent service investment map of the capital

The main road leading from Allawi area to the intersection of the Baghdad International Fair, west of Baghdad, which passes close to the famous theme park in the capital, Zora
The Board of Baghdad, on Saturday, agreed with the secretariat of Baghdad and the Investment Authority to design investment map of the capital, noting that it will take into account the history and heritage of Baghdad include Oqditha whole and its environs.
A member of the Baghdad provincial council, Ghalib al-Zamili, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The provincial council and the secretariat of Baghdad and the Baghdad Investment, signed a memorandum to develop an investment map of the capital," adding that "the map include the important projects that you need Baghdad circles and identify land crisis her. "
He Zamili, that "the project includes timetables for investment," noting that "the map will take into account the heritage of Baghdad and its history, climate, and industrial areas and infrastructure, which includes the districts of the capital and its environs and all the parties."
And was a member of the Council of the province of Baghdad accused in (24 September 2015), the secretariat of Baghdad "not to provide the real thing" of the capital, despite what has the potential of a large and powers, and as revealed by the council for an intention to make changes to the advanced angel Secretariat but subject to approval by the Council of Ministers , it invited them to provide excellent services "" to the people of the capital commensurate with their abilities and funds.
The Baghdad Provincial Council confirmed in (the fifth of September 2015), that the projects allocated to the implementation of the capital value during the current and previous sessions, amounting to four trillion dinars, while among the investment projects of the year the current 2015 value, exceeding Al919 billion dinars, acknowledged that what proportion 80% of which are shut down due to lack of financial allocations.
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