Tomorrow kicks off the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 42 of its 22 countries

By Ziad al-Haidari 17 minutes ago 10-31-15

Iraqi Minister of Trade announced the agency, Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese, the launch of the activities of the Baghdad International Fair for its 42, which kicks off on Sunday with the participation of state and more than 590 local, Arab and international companies.

Sudan said in a press that "the number of participating countries in the exhibition of 22 countries, including Arab and Ajpnah Conference, as well as the participation of more than 590 local, Arab and international companies."

He pointed out that "the reserved space from the show floor amounted to 26 000 square meters, and convertible amounted to 4000," pointing out that "all of the exhibition halls are fully booked."

"The number of government institutions, and security forces proceeded to full security conditions and the creation of a fully secured," noting that "the exhibition will be ready and the best of image."

For his part, General Manager of the entire exhibition Mekhlef jack of all trades, he said, "has been expanded exhibition by up to 30%, coinciding with the number of participating countries," pointing out that "the company will work to attract Mutanabi Street and patrons to participate in the events, and the allocation of Friday for them."

He Mekhlef that "the company has introduced new e-booking feature, which allows the sale and booking through the website to enable the countries and companies of global booking from outside Iraq," pointing out that "this session saw for the first time run five screens giant."

He said the "Today will be the first of Ministers and Officials and the second day of the exhibition will see the direct sales, for the general citizens at affordable prices and the finest global origins."