Military appeal to the Minister of Defense to issue an amnesty for deserters from the army in Anbar to bring them back into service

Section: security landscape Views: 156 Published on: Today, 13:46 10-31-2015

BAGHDAD / Sky Press, appealed to a number of deserters from the Iraqi army soldiers in Anbar province on Saturday, all the officials to issue a pardon them and bring them back into service to fight Daash gangs in the province.
One of the soldiers said in a contact for "Sky Press," "We are a group of fleeing soldiers and dropouts from the Iraqi Army in Anbar province, we call on the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and all officials to issue a pardon us to take us back to the service and join the ranks of the Iraqi army to fight terrorist Daash gangs."
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi security forces are engaged in fierce battles since last year against terrorist Daash and some other militant organizations, gangs and Qaibdthm significant losses with the help of tribal and folk crowd and managed to free several areas, especially after he entered the aircraft or 35 Alsaikoa the service of the Iraqi army, and especially after threatening those totals security and the economy together.