Abbadi vows to respond to the demands of the protesters
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Thread: Abbadi vows to respond to the demands of the protesters

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    Abbadi vows to respond to the demands of the protesters

    Abbadi vows to respond to the demands of the protesters

    America renews support for Iraq Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, down government action aimed at reforming State enterprises, and advancing the fight against corruption and the Elimination of various forms, the stressing during a meeting with a number of civilian activists need to repeat dialogues that will raise the level of government action and the advancement of the volume of services provided to citizens.

    Government assurances to meet the demands of the protesters, accompanied by international support, the United States, renewed by us presidential envoy to Baghdad, Brett mkork, support Iraq in the war against '' daash».

    In the meantime, Al-Abbadi, a detailed report on the victories achieved in the breaker operations, by leaders in the crowd, Hadi al-Amri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes.

    The demands of the protesters

    According to a statement by the Prime Minister's Office, received the "morning", "Abbadi discussed during a meeting with a group of civilian activists, claimed the demonstrators, security conditions in the country. '' he statement," Abadi heard the views of activists, and presentations on the challenges faced by the country, as well as addressing the issues of reforms and fight corruption.

    The Prime Minister praised the size higher commitment to the protesters, saying their meetings should continue to serve the country and bring prosperity to its citizens under the difficulties and challenges in political, security, economic and financial, stressing the continuation of the course of reforms for the advancement of the country, and fighting corruption in any detail of the State.

    In turn, civilian activists, who stressed during the meeting to continue demonstrating until they respond to all demands which government action calendar, calls to "reform of the State structure and achieve social justice and guarantee public freedoms and political reform and free from corruption and b quota confessional» demonstrators expressed, according to data released by a number of participants in a meeting of the Prime Minister, through their pages on social networking sites confirm to continue demonstrating until all the demands of the protesters that agmloha in the «judicial reform, reform of the structure and functioning of independent bodies Services, and punish corrupt files opened, the independence of the State».

    The us Ambassador, discuss Abadi as he greeted the us President's Special Envoy, to manage the international coalition to fight gangs daash, Brett mkork, governmental actions aimed at eradicating '' daash» and to support and assist Iraq in the political, security, economic, as well as to discuss the situation in the region.

    According to a statement by the Prime Minister's Office, received «morning» that «the American envoy, expressed his full support for Iraq in its war against gangs, '' daash» terrorist «» saying "respect for Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    Mkork, stressed during the meeting that saw the presence of the us Ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones, assistance and international support for Iraq, under the supervision and approval of the Federal Government, praised the pivotal role of Iraq in the region, the role of Al-Abbadi in promoting a spirit of national unity among Iraqi people in their fight against terrorism.

    Strengthen the victories in the meantime, the leaders recognized in the crowd, Hadi al-Amri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, the Prime Minister, a detailed report on the victories achieved in the circuit breaker operation.

    According to a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister, "Al-Ibadi reviewed with the-Amiri, engineer security accomplishments achieved in different circuit breaker operations, indicating '' agreement on the need to sustain the momentum of those processes to accelerate in defeating terrorist bands '' daash»».

    He praised, Abadi, according to the statement, the sacrifices made by the heroes of the popular crowd to liberate Iraq and to defend the children of the country by all sects and their components, emphasizing the importance of unifying and keep pressure on the enemy to be defeated and our people from evil.

    Following the wave of rains in the country during the past few days, the Prime Minister, approved the recommendations of the civilian crisis management cell to deal with the situation of displaced persons camps due to heavy rains. Office said Abbadi, «competent teams in cooperation with the Red Crescent, securing more than 2,000 tents and thousands of furniture and linens to replace damaged ones» to «Ministry of transport created a fleet of tankers from its subsidiaries to ensure delivery of these materials also provided Ministry of displacement and migration relief supplies.

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