Aizideh organization: standardized law contradicts Constitution

Aizideh, accused parliamentary blocks b "insist" on the standard card law despite "disadvantages" and protests it, while calling for reconsideration of the paragraphs on embracing children, appealed to the President of the Republic, Fouad Massoum, failure to pass the law in its current form the basis of the Koran that "there is no compulsion in religion".

The organization said the Yezidis to documentation, in statement received (range), that "parliamentary blocks (unspecified), insisted on the adoption of the law on the standard card despite the disadvantages, despite protest by a group of parliamentarians on certain paragraphs".
The organization called on the Yezidis of documentation, the need to "review the paragraphs of the law relating to embrace children Islamic religion of their parents, to let them decide their religion themselves and not de facto or imposed on them that one parent had months to Islam", usually this "stems from the standpoint of the protection of the Iraqi Constitution which guaranteed the protection of religious rights and freedoms for religious minorities in Iraq, in article 2 paragraphs (b, c), as well as the case law on the interpretation of the following minor children the Islamic religion of the parents".
It said that "the law text of article 26 thereof, may switch to a non-Muslim religion in accordance with the law, follow the boys minors in religion who converted to Islam, and that switch religion provided for in paragraph 1 of this article, the switch name abstract if combined with switch religion Court personal articles and in this case for publication". The organization appealed, Presidency of the Republic by "not to pass the law in its current form and that is addressing the issue of child dependency in religion if one parent is converting to Islam, according to what is stated in the Qur'an in Sura Al-Baqara, that there is no compulsion in religion".

The organization considered the Yezidis to documentation, it is necessary to "revisit the many Christian citizens or aisidien files already announced one converting to Islam, in order not to violate individual rights to freedom of choice of religion".
The President was Al Rafidain bloc, said yunadim Kanna, told reporters in the Parliament building Tuesday and attended by (range), in the presence of a standard card Act "hates" minors to follow Muslim religion, promised that this constitutes a violation of the Constitution to its intersection with the four articles, threatening that he would ask the Federal Court to modify or repeal of that article. Recall that the House voted, Tuesday, national card bill on Iraq.