State of law was awaiting answers to determine the position of Abadi "parliamentary mandate"

A wave of heavy rains that postponed the capital Baghdad Wednesday evening, a meeting called him Al-Abadi with the State of law bloc members experiencing a sharp polarization between stream supports the Prime Minister and another behind former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Despite a meeting with the political body for Abadi Dawa, but the latter expects another meeting with State of law bloc says it will determine the position of the head of Government in the light of the replies, asserting that the meeting would be crucial in the wake of the House on Saturday.
In the meantime I spoke to parties in State law for the growing resentment of Prime performance recently, particularly with regard to the appointment of a new Secretary of the Cabinet, noting that the latter give 3 tips from Alliance promises to give this post but that make meat slaughtered by.
And 60 MPs block parliamentary law, State charged, last Tuesday, the Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, a "singularity" with resolution and lack of consultation with them or other political blocs, led to worsening public ominously b "disasters" in the next phase.

And announced "not guilty" decisions and their credentials withdrawn Abbadi who moved in Parliament on reforms.
However, parties close to the Prime Minister said that the statement was an internal memorandum was circulating widely in the State of law Coalition only parties calling for escalation within the Coalition behind the leaking of the memo.
State law differences are concentrated with Abadi on the appointment of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, and the failure of the Russian support in the framework of the Alliance.
Attorney says Razak Al-Haidari, a member of BADR told parliamentary block (range), "Imad Al-kharsan theme set as General Secretary of the cabinet secretariat implications of night within a block of the rule of law and specifically the Dawa", noting that "advocacy have another candidate but I was named anchors".
Al-Haidari said that "each block of Badr and the Supreme Council and the Sadrists took a Covenant from Abadi earlier grant Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, but these parties I was surprised of new appointments without previous agreements with it".
He noted a cluster member Badr that "meeting the rule of law today (Saturday) which will raise several questions Friday on Al-Abbadi to answered with another assignment and reforms", adding that there are MPs who tried to collect signatures from earlier to withdraw the parliamentary mandate from it ".

Mp shows the Babil province that "the rule of law will have the position after the meeting would be based on answer Abbadi then subtract this position in a meeting tomorrow (Friday) Saturday inside the House".
And follow that "there are political blocks are adopted subject to withdraw authorization because their observations on the implementation of certain reforms and appointments outside of the National Alliance", adding that "the withdrawal of authorization is left to answer Al-Abbadi will be for mass".
For his part, shows the block mp Dawa Iraq organization Mohammad arrive that "due to bad weather and banditry State of law bloc postponed its meetings from Thursday to next few hours".
And between authorities of statement (range) that "there are differences in views between Abadi, Deputy State law on some reforms and appointments by the head of Government during past periods".
He explains that "the State of the law want national appointments based on competence and professional alternative locations and positions and changes and you'll get", noting that "the State of law are awaiting explanations for his case, Al-Abbadi reforms".
For his part, revealed a close Deputy of the Prime Minister on the relationship that "Schori Dawa ended shortly before meeting her address reforms and the steps initiated during previous periods benvizeha Abadi".
And clarify relationships (term), "Dawa party affirmed its support for Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi on location for his reforms and all steps taken by the Government", adding that "Al-Ibadi told Schori Dawa keen hard to communicate with the political blocs to continue his reforms".

And another meeting of the State of law Coalition, said relations "have no knowledge of these meetings and I don't know when there will be".
According to a statement issued by the information Office of the Dawa party, got (range), a copy of the party's Council met "and discussed the political and security developments in the country and draw appropriate positions around".
The statement said the meeting "reaffirmed his support for reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and the conscious call of Supreme religious authority in response to popular demands, he stressed the importance of rationalization and development within the framework of the Constitution and push forward the political process forward".
He said Daawa statement "Shura Council also adopted several resolutions in keeping with developments and events in the Iraqi arena and the respect party, and select the appropriate mechanisms for their implementation".

2015/10/31 (00:01 pm)