Chihod: infrastructure money went to Alkhaddmyin and the economics of their parties pockets Minister
13:10 GMT
BAGHDAD - and babysit - MP for the coalition of state law Mohammed Saadoun Chihod, on Friday, that the billions of dollars spent on infrastructure, but I went to the pockets Alkhaddmyin Minister and to the economies of their parties.
Chihod said in a statement received news agency public opinion, a copy of it, that "" Iraq is witnessing great challenges and at all levels and comes in the forefront of financial corruption, which disrupted all walks of life. "

"The billions of dollars spent on infrastructure seems after rain wave and we are at the beginning of winter has revealed that these billions rather than go to infrastructure and in particular streams of rain and sewage went to Alkhaddmyin pockets of ministers and to their parties economics."

He noted that "the final outcome proved that the quota system was destroyed Iraq and in which the outbreak of the financial and administrative corruption"