Iraqi ports apologize to its members due to delays in paying salaries this month
10:46 GMT
BAGHDAD - and babysit - presented the General Company of Iraqi Ports Manager, a formal apology to employees of the company because of the receipt of their salaries for the current month crashes reasons "beyond the control of the company."
Said Riad Sawadi Shamkhi director of the company in a statement received by "public opinion" a copy of "apologize As Director General of the agency, and my colleagues on the Board of Directors, for the delay in payment of the current month's salaries, due to the failure to provide the Ministry of Finance liquidity in the banks."

"I tried very hard over the past few days but to no avail, and we will (chappal) file a lawsuit on the authorized bank to pay the salaries of non-commitment to its commitments, and will resort to another bank in the coming months, according to a mechanism to facilitate the receipt and payment of salaries."