The religious authority of previous governments bear responsibility for the sinking of the cities and camps for displaced people


Karbala - Iraq Press - October 30: carried the Supreme religious authority, the previous governments, is responsible for rain water crisis which is currently taking place in Iraq, and led to the sinking of many cities, regions and displaced people in camps across the country. The representative of reference in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net in his Friday sermon, followed up / Iraq Press /, that "the most important duties of the government, either central or local governments, exploitation Yes God for this country in order to serve the citizens." And between that "if the government did not in its duty to have grace turn into a curse, as happened in recent days for rain water, it is regrettable that he caused rain these days, the suffering of many citizens in many cities and residential areas, because different governments have not done their duty to establish and repair drainage networks rain water when there was a financial abundance to meet this, either today Vidhiron not provide the necessary appropriations, and in both cases the citizens paying the price for the negligence of officials and corruption. " He invited the representative reference citizens and all those responsible to the relief of the displaced "tragedy" of rain and poor living conditions. " He said net "in these days and with rain in large quantities increased the suffering of the displaced people from different regions, and reports indicate that they Ieixion in tragic circumstances unbearable and that the responsibility to help those dearest is the responsibility of us all." He called upon the representative of the supreme religious authority "in all Moatnn that come to their rescue and provide assistance to them each according to what easy for him with keeping Azathm and dignity and attention to this humanitarian and Islamic mission, in addition to his great reward than national cohesion among the people, it should be of interest to each of keen the unity of the land and people of this country. " And military developments net stressed the unification of efforts in the fight against Daash gangs of terror and not to negligence on enemy movements, saying that "the great victories achieved by the security forces and volunteers and members of the clans those who care about in recent battles must be given carefully officials from various positions and gain from them lessons, lessons and use them in the coming battles. " He stressed "the importance of providing all the capabilities and facilities available combat forces and provide their needs on the other needs that can leave secured to another time, when the improved financial situation of the country and beyond the current suffocating financial crisis, including the importance of coordination between the pieces of combat various titles, it is the most important recent victories factors" . The net also stressed the "do leaders concerned more effort for the purpose of coordination among them, including the need for caution and not to negligence on the enemy in various fronts, he takes the opportunity wherever I had him, and if he loses in the site tried to startles in another location, and must be military cuts to be vigilant and do not allow penetration, and we ask God to forsake him and accelerates elimination concludes our dear country from it. "