We will decide our position to keep or withdraw authorization Alebadi..athad powers declares dissatisfaction with reforms

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - October 30 announced National Forces Union, not "convinced" all his deputies procedures reform last prime minister Haider al-Abadi, describing such actions as "administrative" and "austerity", stressing that it will determine its position on the issue of "keep or withdrawal of the authorization granted to the Prime Minister. "

The federation said in a statement issued Thursday night, received / Iraq Press /, a copy of it, that "as long as we have emphasized the need to adopt a scientific method method to extract and evaluate the government's performance away from the attitudes and political influences, have expressed our position in support of the Government of Abadi and reforms that promised to achieve them by giving him a mandate. "

The statement added that "in three months after the mandate we have made a scientific and systematic questionnaire to explore the positions of the members of the Union of Forces reforms promised by the prime minister through scientific questions is far from any political position, the fact that the reforms demand public and national expressed by peaceful demonstrations Movement and supported by civil society organizations and tribal and religious authorities. "

The statement continued, that "it was the completion of the referendum process and reflected the vision and evaluate the Iraqi forces Union Congress, a revealing indicator step will give us in determining our position on the issue to keep or withdraw the authorization granted to the Prime Minister."

Union noted in his statement that "the questionnaire resulted in a lack of conviction all the deputies Forces Union reform measures carried out by the Prime Minister because she had an administrative and austerity measures did not touch the demands of the Iraqi people in general and the demands of our fans of the detainees are innocent and displaced people and the displaced in particular."

The Union of National Forces held a meeting yesterday to discuss the five series of political and security matters in the forefront of reforms put forward by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.