Dawa Party supports Abadi reforms and asking him to develop


Friday, October 30.2015

Dawa Party, announced Friday his support for the reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and while stressing rationalization and developed in the framework of the constitution, expressed his pride in addressing the heroic security forces and the crowd in the face of (Daash).

He said the Information Office of the Islamic Dawa Party said in a statement today that "Shura Party Council Islamic Dawa, met on Friday and discussed the political, security and economic developments in the country and draw appropriate positions around them.

"The party said in a statement," support for the reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which came in response conscious to the appeal of the Supreme religious authority and in response to popular demands, "stressing "The importance of rationalization and developed in the framework of the Constitution and so as to push the wheel of the political process forward."

And through the Shura Council call for "pride in addressing the heroic and the supervisor of the armed and security of our troops and popular crowd in the right battles against the wrong party in the face Daash terrorist is in passengers", praising the "victories wonderful that recently achieved in Baiji breakers and other processes.

"The statement continued that" the Shura Council adopted several resolutions and in line with the developments and events in the Iraqi arena and partisan matter, and select the appropriate mechanisms for its implementation. "