Parliamentary Finance: budget deficit of 23 trillion dinars

Date: 10/30/2015 14:04

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed Friday that the draft federal budget law of the country for the year 2016 will reach the House of Representatives tomorrow will be discussed in the coming sessions, indicating that the deficit identified with 23 trillion dinars.
Said committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed told / information / "The prime minister Haidar tele took place yesterday on the draft 2016 budget will be sent to the parliament building on Saturday."
"The total revenue amounted to 83 trillion dinars 0.69 trillion dinars from oil revenues, and 14 trillion of non-oil revenues," noting that "the budget deficit of 23 trillion dinars."
Mohammed said that "the House of Representatives will discuss the budget in the coming sessions," .anthy / 25 u