It will be Abadi scapegoat Dawa party?!

Mohammed Hassan al-Saadi Friday, October, 201 530

Let's start with a question arises: Is this the measures undertaken by the government's intervention in the door of the reforms?

The logical answer comes to what actually gets is a set of procedures for the feminine state, organize and activate the work of some of the institutions that suffer from the recession and laziness, in other words try performing procedures austerity intended to bridge the large deficit in the annual budget, both for the years that have elapsed or the budget of 2016, which could reach more than $ 25 billion, which threatens raised the alarm in the economic situation of the country.

It was not serious reforms in the scientific applications, but rather focused on the integration of ministers without ministries, and measures of austerity did not touch the real economic reality of the country, but to the GATT in most cases, to the uniqueness of the decisions fateful without resorting to the National Alliance, which was supposed to be a tent Iraqi political decision, The factory strategic decisions for all state institutions.

Most of the actions that Mr. Abadi did not touch the daily reality of the citizen, but she was prosthesis is trying to calm the internal situation, with no damage to the ruling party, acquired the majority of government positions, especially with the presence of obstacles to clear before the reforms by the members themselves, the Dawa Party, and with the recent statement and the declaration of innocence of Alsidalebadi, has become the latest in a critical area, but very difficult, especially with the administrative and constitutional obstacles to reforms, in a matter of a difficult Iraq is going through, it is the security serious threat posed to its existence completely, represented by the big war that Iraqis waged against al Daash terrorist.

Recent speech to the rule of law was a bloodless coup on Mr. Abadi, and it is a step toward seeking to topple him, especially since reports indicate that the state law intensive consultations with affiliated to the National Alliance, the political blocs began to change Abadi, and the announcement of the expected replacement in the event of the success of consultations, but It 'Tarek Najm' a leader of the Dawa Party and a close associate of al-Maliki.

Mr. Abadi For his part, probably would seek to miss an opportunity to its partners Aldauajjah, and out of the Dawa Party and the rule of law, and the announcement of the formation of a new political bloc that would include some of the leaders of the Dawa Party who stood with him in his candidacy for prime minister, so that the rug had been withdrawn from under the feet of his partners, but at the same time needs to cover for his work as prime minister, and that's what made him dependent on US support politically mother was security, and thus a chance to change it is impossible, in the same context, the biggest beneficiary of this quicksand is Mr. Maliki, who is seeking to strongly return to the prime minister, but this time with a fundamental change to the Constitution, especially with the presence of Iranian and American support at the same time, which threatens the future of the unknown, but very sensitive moments in the history of modern Iraq.