Civil Aviation: Baghdad airport is functioning normally and receives flights bound for Najaf

A source in the General Establishment of Civil Aviation, on Thursday, that the air traffic at Baghdad airport normal, indicating that one of the aircraft took off shortly before heading to Arbil from the airport.
The source said in an interview with the (long-Presse), that "unusual air traffic at Baghdad airport and receives all aircraft instead of Najaf airport, which is subject to maintenance."
The source, who asked not to be named, said the airport has seen shortly before the plane took off bound for Arbil as well as meeting with local, Arab Iraqi flights. "
The cell media military announced on Thursday that the rockets that fell on the two Mahattin Baghdad airport, launched from trochlearis area, indicating that the missiles targeted a camp of freedom.
A source at the Interior Ministry said on Thursday that 15 Katyusha rockets fell on the two areas surround the Baghdad International Airport, west of the capital.