Video: 10 Arab and foreign companies competing for projects in Basra

Ten Arab and foreign companies are competing in the province of Basra , to participate in projects for the rehabilitation of Iraqi ports, and building new sidewalks to her, she came through the open bidding companies applying for project implementation, by the General Company for Ports.

He says Anmar net, Director of Relations and Media General Company for Iraqi Ports: "Emirati, Lebanese and even Iraqi Arab companies were ten companies applied for construction and rehabilitation of pavements and update yards ports need these after the vast amount of goods that come of Ports and influenced by the western and northern ports ports were created the same."

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He adds Ibrahim Sarhan, representative of the UAE company: "The aim of the meeting the pre-qualification of the companies where the selection of companies to participate in future projects will put up the ports and this review is not a specific project but waiting for projects posed ports."

Officials at the Iraqi ports company confirmed their dependence all international standards, developed in the process of selecting companies.

He says Firas al-Abadi, Deputy Director of the Department of joint operation in ports: "The Committee has adopted international standards for the selection of companies that have previous experience and ports in the world and Iraq and has the potential to rehabilitate and build sidewalks."
Interoperability projects that went forth ports in recent requires the participation of executing the project work companies in the ports of certain rates for their development through projects while maintaining revenue and revenue for the benefit of ports.