The financial needs of the country next year surpass imports by almost alsav
October 29, 2015 0

The Government estimated the needs for 2016 with more than eighty-seven trillion dinars between fixed expenses like staff salaries and expenses of the State and other expenses such as the cost of the war or other emergency, according to the estimates of the Government, referring to the next;

40.6 trillion public sector salaries
11.0 trillion superannuation
5.0 trillion cost of card altmoinbeh, social protection and displaced customizations
4.0 trillion war
5.3 trillion foreign debt and local customizations
5.7 trillion electricity sector allocations
2.3 trillion for health
1.0 trillion of public companies
2.1 trillion allocations for education, agriculture and industry
10.0 trillion developing counties, as well as others, have demonstrably.

According to these figures, the total would be eighty-seven trillion dinars.

Commenting on the Iraqi National Business Council President Daud Abd al-zayer said that "these figures show the size of the projected deficit in the budget next year of up to 50%.

And between zayer, the figures above indicate expenditures and beyond financial oil imports nearly half noted that next year's budget will be more difficult this year, and the total export zayer three million barrels of oil a day at a price of $ 45 total roses Iraq oil excluded including the KRG will be fifty-nine trillion dollars in a mathematical equation for Iraq oil imports and what expenses it

59.1 size oil revenues for one year
15.5 s oil production and corporate benefits

Thus, the net income of 44.4 trillion dinars in Iraq and is almost half the size of the projected expenditures this will make next year is difficult since the collapse of the former regime. "

Zayer said there are other mtvaofth exist in non-oil called budget but is not reliable or is not clear and will not be effective in reducing the deficit,