Alliance forces: unconvinced reforms Abadi and studying our mandate to withdraw his

Iraqi forces expressed Alliance for dissatisfaction with reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "adding that" considering the withdrawal of its authorization of Ebadi's reforms. "
He said a coalition statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "as long as we have emphasized the need to adopt a scientific method in the extraction and evaluation of government performance away from the attitudes and political influences, have expressed our position in support of the Government of Abadi and reforms that promised to achieve them, through the mandate we gave him him. "

"The day after the expiration of three months after the mandate we have made a scientific and systematic questionnaire to explore the positions of members of the Iraqi Union of Forces reforms promised by Mr. Prime Minister and movement."

The statement continued that "Through scientific questions is far from any political position, the fact that demand reforms and a national public expressed by peaceful demonstrations and supported by civil society organizations and tribal and religious authorities."
He pointed to "the completion of the referendum process and reflected the vision and evaluate the Iraqi forces Union Congress, a revealing indicator step will give us in determining our position on the issue to keep or withdraw the authorization granted to the Prime Minister [Haider al-Abadi]."

The statement concluded by saying that "the questionnaire has resulted in a lack of conviction all the deputies Forces Union reform measures carried out by the Prime Minister because she had an administrative and austerity measures did not touch the demands of the Iraqi people in general and the demands of our fans of the detainees are innocent and displaced people and the displaced in particular."
The media quoted a statement of the number of members of a coalition of state law, the withdrawal of the mandate granted by the coalition of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the House of Representatives "for its uniqueness and the decisions by the lack of consultation with the political blocs."

The statement said "in light of stuck Prime Minister lack of consultation with the political blocs policy as well as a coalition of state law, also were surprised by the decisions of appointment and removal and exemption in a number of sensitive positions in the Iraqi military state, including the security, political and service, has strengthened the conviction we have that the exclusivity policy has become a damaging heavy supreme interests of the people and represent a serious threat to the political process. "

The MP denied the rule of law Nazim al-Saadi, said the coalition may withdraw the authorization granted by the slaves in the House of Representatives, stressing's [where] that he is "baseless and has no reality."
But the MP for advocacy and a close associate of Prime Minister Ali Keywords revealed "the existence of Gulf to push the agenda of some deputies of state law for the withdrawal of the mandate of the Prime Minister."
Keywords and said to [where], "A group of members of the state law living since a state of dissatisfaction and emotion is expressed different addresses in the media or through the objections in the House of Representatives."
Added Keywords, that "this group utilize an approach Tsagattiya and take advantage of some of the statements of the accusations in order to split the coalition, noting, they did not give up on this approach and dealt very passively with the prime minister," adding that "this group of MPs do not represent the state of law and that the leaders Bloc will not allow any rebellion or split inside and out ".