Parliamentary Security: sending US troops to Iraq was "solitary" and the government's statement is clear its position on this matter

Baghdad and babysit - said of the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Majid Gharrawi, that the issue of sending troops to Iraq is "ordered confinement", calling on the government to announce the formal and clear stance of these statements.
Ghraoui In a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit), on Thursday, stressed "not to request the central government to send US troops into Iraq," noting that "America is not serious about the fight against Daash and the liberalization of the Iraqi territory."

Ghraoui and called on the government to "announce formally its position and clear of such statements."

In a related context, Ghraoui stressed that "the Hawija process did not take place with the knowledge of the Iraqi government," adding that it "took place in coordination between US forces and the fight against Kurdish terrorism."