Daash between Iraq and al-Maliki
October 29, 2015

Mona Salem al-Jubouri
کtarh and different problems that has plagued Iraq since in US occupation of Iraq, but the most important and largest Mhکlten afflict Iraq is currently in the twin Altahedadan who Ahکlhma Daash risk organization and risk charts suspicious of Nuri al-Maliki, the former Iraqi prime minister against the security and stability of Iraq.

Which must observe well and we take into consideration is that the entry of a sudden Daash of Iraq and control over large areas of Iraq, has been in a period of blurry from the era of Nuri al-Maliki, which was which seeks to ensure a third term by any means was, and is known and clear here Also, the system is the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop and stand by Maliki in various stages, and in particular the entry Daash.

Login Script sudden Daash to Iraq and alien control and striking large areas, similar to the scenario appearances in Syria, where was Bashar al-Assad's regime is going through a period of weakness and Anکsar unusual and is accused of using Alکemiaoah weapons, but and a stroke of the magic wand of the mullahs of Tehran, has emerged Daash and is the heart of all scales and things upside down, and more importantly, کlh is that Damascus and Tehran کanta Almstvidtan the only of this artificial evolution.

Thaoh ground proper and appropriate in order to enter Daash of Iraq, a bilateral effort has been exerted by Tehran and al-Maliki, that that not be allowed to take over al-Maliki for a third term in spite of all the drumming and the Iranian honking him, was a means that there is a trend serious in Iraq has begun to take shape aims to stand against Iran's growing influence in this country, so it was necessary to set up a scenario confuses کlha Securities and Tehran appear differently to what it is now, because as we see the emergence of Tehran became Berکh Daash, looks more heroic savior of Iraq!

Organizing Daash including like him and it represents a threat to Iraq and کouna an ongoing project for the crimes suppress's intellectual and psychological and membership, is also considered an obstacle in the various fields of life especially when Aکlv Iraqi treasury huge sums of money , but the most important fact that you should pay attention and stand then is that the survival of al-Maliki at large performs his masters schemes in Tehran, it means that Iraq locked in two wars, one against Daash and the other against corruption and the corruption of al-Maliki, and the survival of cases Asertanitin any Daash and Maliki or Iranian influence, means that security and stability and peace will remain totally non-existent in Iraq, so the only option

Based in front of Iraq is to get rid of the two cases, although we are confident that the disposal of Daash easier to get rid of the velayat-e faqih cancer in Iraq.