Karbala hotel can accommodate 75 thousand people and calls for the abolition of legislation that hinder the development of religious tourism

Called on the visiting Arabs, on Thursday, to the development of the tourism and hotel sector in Karbala, while attributed the workers in hotels "weakness" of their services to "neglect" of government, government agencies showed that the capacity of the hotels in the province, (108 km south of Baghdad), does not exceed 75 A bed, and called for investment to amend legislation to prevent obstruction tourism projects.
He said Saudi visitor to Karbala, Mustafa Mousa, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "near the shrine of Imam Hussein, Karbala hotel, is no longer suitable for the accommodation of visitors being a small and old and their services are not required level," adding that "Karbala hotel which was held during services recent years, outside the old city center, despite being the best still need to develop and increase their number to accommodate the visitors. "

He urged Mousa, stakeholders in the tourism sector of Karbala, on the "rehabilitation of the cadres of specialized tourist services and dealing with visitors."
For his part, acknowledged Mohammed al-Jubouri, from hoteliers in Karbala, that "Tourist Services of hotels in Karbala is not the level of ambition because of lack of care this sector by the state", criticizing the "negligence of government for the tourism sector and the hotel industry in Karbala, despite its importance in the consolidation of the country materials".

He called al-Jubouri, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), to the need to "open the Arab and foreign investment door for the advancement of tourism in Karbala to live up to the required level," asserting that "a lot of investors want to build a modern tourist hotels in Karbala, but the government of neglect and the obstacles they face prevented it. "
On the other hand, he said tourism Karbala director, Abdul Hussein al-Khalil, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Karbala includes 430 tourist hotel registered, as well as 30 hotels under registration and construction," noting that "the capacity of the hotels operating in Karbala currently does not exceed 75 A. person. "

Khalil said, that "the work of the Department of Tourism in Karbala, only to follow the work of hotels and level of services, as well as the rehabilitation of cadres working in the hotel and tourism sector," returned "the development of hotel and tourism sector and increase the number of hotels Karbala respect to government entities concerned with investment and construction, and legislation of overcoming obstacles for the establishment of tourism projects. "

In a related development, said a member of the Tourism Committee in the House of Karbala province, Sondos Turaihi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The number of Karbala hotel is not sufficient to accommodate the visitors, especially in the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him", usually that "the budget of the province is not sufficient for their projects and built by infrastructure and other services, especially tourism and hospitality sector, what prevents its development. "

She Turaihi, that "the federal government has a tendency to support private sector investment in the reform process undertaken by the" calling "of the Federal Government and Parliament to overcome the obstacles to investment and the transfer of powers to local governments and the consolidation of their local resources."
The parliament passed during its 32 first legislative term of the second legislative year of the third parliamentary session, which was held on Tuesday, legal Second Amendment to the investment law, which gave local governments broad powers in investment projects leave.

Experiencing Karbala throughout the days of the year the influx of visitors from inside and outside Iraq to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib and his brother Abbas, peace be upon them, as the number of arrivals to more than 15 million visitors during the forties, which has been replaced in the twentieth from zero each year, in light of little development in the tourism and hospitality sector in the governorate, and the weakness of the expansion construction of tourist hotels by investors.