Muthanna management calls for new investment map of the province every four years, focuses on the needs of citizens

It called Muthanna management, on Wednesday, to put investment map of the province and renewed every four years, and to give priority to the sectors of housing, oil, industry and agriculture, while the confirmed investment conservative body, it approved 143 projects since its inception, indicating that 88 of them "completed or in progress." and that their capital exceeded four billion and 500 million dollars.

The governor of Muthanna Faleh Abdul Hassan sugar, during his visit today, to invest conservative body, according to a statement his office received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, "The investment is a tributary of the president and important window to exit Iraq from the fluctuation of the oil price crisis, and its dependence on a single-side economics, which contributes greatly to the building of the country with money the private sector. "
He called Sugar, to "redraw the map of investment to maintain every four years, and made available to investors," and urged the need to "give priority to the sectors of housing, oil, industry, agriculture and all the money linked to the needs of the citizen."

The Governor emphasized the importance of "providing safe, climate atmosphere stable to investors through higher and continuous coordination with Muthanna section protect companies and investors Police Command," as well as "the promotion of investment portfolios that have good fundamentals of the most important of the security situation enduring, and the presence of the desert, which can be invested in agriculture, and raw materials involved in many industries as a cornerstone of lime and salt. "

For his part, Director General of the Investment Muthanna, just Yasiri, according to the statement, "The Commission granted 143 investment license since its inception," noting that, including "88 projects fully or completed in the process of completion, and that their capital amounted to more than four and a half billion dollar. "

The parliament approved during its meeting of 32 of the first legislative term of the second legislative year of the third parliamentary session, which was held on Tuesday, (the 27th of October the current 2015), legal Second Amendment to the investment law, which gave local governments broad powers in investment projects leave.

The Muthanna Investment Commission, announced earlier in the direct number of investment companies, the implementation of a range of agricultural projects on nearly 200 thousand acres in the desert province (250 km south of Baghdad), indicating that it is equipped Investment Opportunities Group in several areas such as housing and tourism, as well as continue to implement a number of other projects in the field of cement industry.