Maysan Oil Halfaya conference is "economic leap" and a Malaysian company: the province live on a sea of oil

It described Maysan Oil Company, on Wednesday, the start of the oil and gas conference on the field Halfaya "important economic leap", and with hopes to be exporting oil Mleonia in the coming years, have shown a Malaysian oil company hopes to work in the province, indicating that the Maysan live on a sea of ​​oil.

The director of the oil company Missan Adnan Nochi in an interview with the (long-Presse), on the opening of the scientific third oil and gas conference in Iraq under the slogan margin (wealth hydrocarbon ensure a better life), and attended by, the (long-Presse), said that "the Third Conference which will be held on land architecture for global companies and representatives of the oil companies operating in Iraq and other foreign companies represents an important economic leap forward and accompanied by licensing rounds in lifting capacity and efficiency in the extraction of oil in a period of a few were two important factors in winning oil development now. "

Nochi He added that "the company has achieved high rates of production in the oil extraction and we seek to develop the oil-producing fields by taking advantage of the research that will be addressed during the conference." Nochi He continued that "tours have achieved another important than through transparency of the reports of international organizations which pointed to the flexibility and efficiency of the Iraqi oil sector in achieving clear progress," noting that "we have come a long way in the oil extraction, which gradually increased and it is hoped that the oil export two million in the coming years."

In turn, the representative of Malaysia's Petronas oil company Guzel Lhasa said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "await action in Maysan province as one of the provinces that live on the sea of ​​oil and look forward to being an important part in the oil Elicitations through our work in these provinces," noting that "The first conference was held in Baghdad and we had an important role and the second conference in Basra and we had an active part in the building today and we look forward to work in it." He Lhasa that "the Malaysian company will search for oil extraction, tummy tuck, and how to benefit from the oil and gas-fired derivatives according to scientific theories."

The ministry's spokesman, Assem Jihad, said in an interview, said that the conference will discuss over two days in search of 49 across 10 sessions, including extraction and liquidation affairs, the environment, energy and nanotechnology.

The researchers presented from Iraq, Russia, China, Malaysia, Iran and the European Union 223 a summary of the conference, were nominated to be 194 then choose 60 in search of them. The first Conference of the oil and gas held in the province of Basra in 2011, while the second conference was held in Baghdad in 2013.