Intelligence center for the exchange of information between Iraq and the European Union

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse October -29: Iraq agreed on a European Union project to establish a center for the exchange of intelligence information and data, to fight terrorism. A statement by the Interior Ministry, said Thursday, "The Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, met with Deputy EU Foreign Services Manager in the Middle East and North Africa, Christian Barker, accompanied by Chairman of the Arabian Peninsula Division, Iraq and Iran John Uruk, and other officials, and during the meeting, which was attended by Agent Police Affairs team conciliator Abdul Hadi exchanged views with regard to cooperation plans to confront the terrorist threat and ways to address the recruitment and deportation of terrorists toward Iraq and Syria. "
The statement pointed out that "the two sides agreed on bilateral cooperation through the project longer has the European Union and involves the establishment of an intelligence center for follow-up and exchange of information and data."
He explained the EU official, according to the statement, "the plans adopted by the European Union countries" and expressed "concern about the prospects for the return of terrorists to countries where they were residing, in addition to the continuation of brainwashing and recruitment operations and to attract fighters."
The statement quoted Ghabban, its emphasis on "the importance of moving from the stage of decision-making and understandings to initiate operations procedural and practical plans and share my knowledge lasting and intelligence, because there are hundreds or even thousands of terrorists came from European countries, there are thousands who came from more than a hundred countries of the world without Many countries succeed in Ivagahm, and facilitate the task of being admitted to Iraq via Turkey and Syria. " And called for "activating the relevant Security Council resolutions," stressing "the need to control cyberspace because the attraction, recruitment and deportations are networks of social communication and carried out by cells in many Western European countries" .