Maliki withdraws mandate for Abadiís reforms

Iraqís State of Law Coalition, led by former PM Nouri Al-Maliki, announced on Wednesday that it had withdrawn its mandate given to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi to carry out reforms in the country, Anadolu has reported.

In a statement, the Coalition said that last year it had mandated and supported Al-Abadiís government in order to carry out a package of reforms, as well as to overcome the financial military and security crises.

ďWe feel sorry that Al-Abadi refused the principle of consultation with the State of Law Coalition bloc and the other blocs in the parliament,Ē the statement said, ďthis aggravates the general situation of the country to a degree that ushers in catastrophic outcomes.Ē

ďAll efforts made to push Al-Abadi to retreat have failed,Ē the statement said, ďtherefore, we withdraw the mandate we gave to him in parliament, which was made on condition of the reforms respecting the Constitution.Ē

An MP from the State of Law Coalition Kazem Al-Sayadi told Anadolu that 45 MPs had signed the statement, which withdraws the mandate from Al-Abadi, who is one of the Coalition leaders.

Monitors expected that this withdrawal is based on personal hostility between Al-Maliki and Al-Abadi, who undermined the arrival of Al-Maliki to the PM office for a third term.