Rain reveal three secret locations for "Daash" Makhoul near mountains

October 29, 2015 13:44

Said the leadership in the popular crowd in Diyala province Jabbar Maamouri, Thursday, that the heavy rains contributed to the detection of three secret locations to organize "Daash" in the Makhoul mountains of northern Salahuddin surroundings. He Almamori in an interview, "The heavy rains in Makhoul mountains of northern perimeter Salah al-Din, led to the sinking of three holes confidentiality of the terrorists organization Daash hiding inside. "He added Almamori that" committees advanced field monitoring with the first block lines in Makhoul Mountains circumference revealed this morning, "the three Ahadjor which is a trenches and pockets of rock sank floodwaters" , adding that "the terrorists of the organization fled towards the rear after he left behind amounts of food, ammunition and military uniforms."