Abadi frowns campaign adviser "personal target" raised against him and confirms the bankruptcy of standing behind her

Thursday 29 October 2015 | 15:40

BAGHDAD / .. denounced the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Wednesday, campaign a personal target raised against him, an attempt to link his name "to reduce employees' salaries," she said, adding that there are those who stand behind those distant News from the truth, while noted that his role was to explain to him that the new salary, and the statement of the reasons for his announcement, as an employee of the government, his own role on the economic aspects.

Saleh said for "Eye Iraq News", that "there is a party in advance Achksa seeking to target the PC, away from the credibility of the values ​​in the delivery of information, who have the private Mchaara toward professionals", while among the "managed by a person group was working in the government previously , trying to harm him, in particular, "he alluded to in favor of" bankruptcy of these parties, and non-recognition of the magnitude of the challenges facing the country at all levels. "

Saleh added that "a government employee, his role in the tasks performed by the government, through its competence as an economist and not a political or an opponent can be raised around similar issues," noting that "the mission was in the statement of the reasons for declaration of the salary scale in economic terms, and explain the pros and cons "In addition to" The names of the committee that developed and spread peace can refer to it when needed in the event of a desire access. "

According to local media, last Monday, that economic adviser Ebadi, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh is behind the "salary reduction" that his proposal be reconsidered ladder employees' salaries.

And witnessing the Iraqi economic situation financial crisis after the drop in oil prices by more than $ 70 per barrel of oil in less than a year, thus widening the gap between revenues and exports, bringing the deficit to more than 23 trillion dinars, pushing the government towards reducing the spending, and take the necessary steps to cross the crisis measures the least damage, in conjunction with other crises faced by the entire state, security, political and social areas and Gerha.anthy 8