Parliamentary Integrity's (et): ask the government to recover money diverted to supplement the budget

By Mohammed Emad

29/10/2015 03:15

Brother Sam and Mullah
Student of the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Nuri al-Adel, "the government and the executive authorities put pressure on states and international banks to recover funds smuggled by thieves of public money, calling for" the Foreign Ministry to coordinate with Interpol, to arrest the thieves of public money. "

Nouri said in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) that those who have committed looting and smuggling funds are whales corruption in the previous government, the prime minister and ministers, agents and managers of two years, but the full authority over all institutions prevented without charge to them. "

He said "there are some corrupt fled out of the country and now they have other passports and enjoy with state funds and the people, pointing to the existence of thousands of files found at the integrity and the judiciary have not been resolved, so we need to investigators and seriousness in dealing with corrupt files and move away from patronage to resolve all of the files, stressing the need to take all criminals punished with a just committed theft of public money. "