Maliki is waging a new war against al-Abadi reforms

Thursday, October 29, 2015

News - Arabiya

Coalition calls himself «the rule of law announced» withdraw authorization from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

He said the coalition led by former Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki: «We are members of the coalition of state law already supported us Government Haider al-Abadi since the first day of its formation last year and stood with full force to its part to help overcome the financial, military and security crises plaguing the country and threaten its unity and sovereignty, did not score on the coalition during the past period that the general policies of the Government of the internal and external opposed ».

The statement added, «We have also supported the Ministerial limbering packs reforms announced by Abadi, despite the observations that we had in order to avoid entering into political confrontations may benefit the organization Daash and its allies». However, the statement «Unfortunately, that Abadi reject the principle of consultation with the State of Law bloc and other political blocs including exacerbating the general situation in the country is a threat of catastrophic incidents in the next phase. »

He said that the coalition of Iraqi Prime Minister Constitution and laws in force exceeded under the reforms with the Supreme religious authority has stressed the need not to skip the Constitution and the laws in the implementation of reforms that we believe need and useful slogan.

The statement said that «the announcement of the new salary scale came to present further evidence to insist on the lack of consultation with political partners in the case of interest to the lives of millions of the sons of the Iraqi people with the belief that the new peace poses a serious threat to the middle class, which is the prime mover in the society».

He accused the coalition Abadi, following the lack of consultation on what the impact of the war against terrorism through financial, logistical and armament policy decisions.

This was announced security source in Salahuddin province of Iraq on Wednesday killed 10 members of the police and the popular crowd when a car bomb in Samarra (110 km north of Baghdad).

The source said that «Daash organization carried out yesterday an attack four who became the Abbasid regions and Sharif Abbas suspended two of which are in the ground because of the mud was dismantled by security forces, and ripped the third before they reach their destination, while the fourth blast that killed 10 police and popular crowd» .

In the meantime, the infiltration of militants from the container area of ​​confrontation to El Houssoun area west of Samarra and burned the car of the security forces, and are still holed up in a civilian homes in the area.