Formation of a committee in Basra to follow up the loan file before launch
Wednesday October 282 015 - 23:07 write a comment

Basra Governorate Council regular session
Basra Governorate Council decided during its regular ninety-fifth and held at noon today to form a committee to follow up the implementation of the recommendations that came out of the process with regard to the distribution of loans by the central bank and community banks to the unemployed.

The Chairman of the Labour and Social Affairs Bushra Hamid in a statement to Radio tow, who attended the meeting, said that the allocated from the central bank loan amounts estimated at 5 trillion dinars trillion dinars of private banks and the share of Basra from those loans amounting to 600 billion dinars, according to population ratio will be distributed to the sectors including various commercial, industrial, agricultural and other in the form of large and small projects, as well as the different interest rate on the loan between the central bank and community banks, ranging from 5% to 7%.

Noting that the student council during its meeting in which the representative of the Iraqi Central Bank and a representative of the private banks hosted asked them to facilitate the mechanism and procedures to borrowers, adding that the Council of the Commission for the supervision and follow-up form in spite of the lack of direct distribution of those loans so far.