"The Commander of necessity" and not to cooperate with "quadrilateral" raise the wrath of the law State Chief

"The Commander of necessity" and not to cooperate with "quadrilateral" raise the wrath of the law State Chief Deputy close to الوزراءكشف Abadi, today, about the backgrounds of the statement issued by the State of law Coalition late Tuesday night and included a rebuke for the Prime Minister.

The Attorney said the statement was a confidential memorandum sent to Prime Minister, asking him to explain the reasons for the lack of communication with mass and lack of consultation with them on assignments and repairs carried out.
State law differences are concentrated with Abadi on the appointment of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, and the failure of the Russian support in the framework of the Alliance.

Says mp Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, (range), that "there is a gap I got two months ago between Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and the State of law bloc raging around Prime consultation of its mass in many recent resolutions".
Jaafar "among the points raised the controversies regarding reforms and appointments that began during periods of application Abbadi over the past few-headed set Imad anchors as Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers".
And on the circumstances of the release by news agencies Tuesday evening, party leader says "there are some voices in State law to issue a statement clarifying the internal divisions and to withdraw the mandate given to the Prime Minister by the Parliament during the specified period".
Jaafar, however, by saying "but the political body for the State of law Coalition, held a series of recurring meetings come to await the issuance of the press release and guide the confidential memorandum to Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi".
He said a Deputy from the State of law that "the confidential memo was talking about that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, attending a meeting of the State of law coalition in the coming hours explaining the reasons for the lack of interaction with the mass during past periods as well as the question of appointments and reforms".

Mp Jassem Mohamed recalled Jafar to "Haidar Al-Abbadi responded to the confidential memo sent by a desire to attend the meetings of the State of law bloc to discuss the points made therein". He predicted that "the State of law Coalition will hold a meeting within the next 48 hours will be devoted to openness on all files and points you raised some reservations". Excludes recourse to the rule of law to Jafar "put confidence or withdraw authorization of Abbadi in the current circumstances through which Iraq", calling on the Prime Minister to "communicate with the mass to take positions and appointments".
On the main points which upset the State law of the Turkmen prosecutor said Abbadi, that "the main points of contention revolves around Abadi described Maliki as Commander of necessity and also the position of the head of Government of the quadripartite Alliance but his booster".
Former Minister confirms that "the political authority of the State of law Coalition is pressing Al-Abbadi to give the Russian side a green light for its implementation of his looks in Iraqi airspace".
AJ tracks by saying "pull the credentials of Al-Abbadi in absence of activating the quadripartite Alliance and development work of sharing intelligence to Russian Aviation participation in countering daash or bilateral agreement with Moscow".
In the meantime, said State law is useful for marginalised, told the (term), "Al-Ibadi, Government since it was formed to carry out reforms to deal with the financial crisis and other challenges which require important decisions".
Baldawi said that "the coalition of State law, convinced that 80 percent of policies and decisions, Abadi, serving the public interest, and consistent with the requirements of the current phase, especially in light of the fierce war against organized terrorist daash".
State of law member stated that "there is an agreement between the political blocs on the platform Abadi, especially for Kurdish bloc", pointing out that "some powers back to the House and the Prime Minister could not take a unilateral decision on them as some people think".
Baldawi Attorney expressed surprise of "charging the individual" Abadi said, adding that "the Cabinet decisions are taken individually, because members are representatives of the rest of the political blocs should vote for them".

For his part, emphasizes Deputy Hassan mixers, (range), the "citizen's coalition supports the directions of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi in the reform process", but draws attention to the "other object not consulted on the subject of reforms".
Mixers that finds "waving withdraw confidence from Abadi is not citizen coalition policy".
But Iraqi forces Alliance finds that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi policies "individual and floundering", but denied an intention to change.
He said Ahmed Attia, (term), "Al-Ibadi policy feature flop individual decisions and not well thought out, as a result of the lack of consultation with other blocks, although the Government is supposed to reflect the partnership".
Attiya said that "a strong alliance with the reforms provided they do not contradict the Constitution and does not affect the lives of citizens, as well as for adjusting pay scales, which affect a large segment of people, or those special privileges that cannot be eliminated only by laws and not by individual decisions, being granted mainly by the laws".
The Prosecutor denied the strong Union "an intention to alter Abadi", adding: "but there is an intention of questioning". He noted that "Iraqi forces Alliance, copy of which was someone Abbadi, but wrong policies".