Foreign families of the martyrs of higher education had to be diplomats campaign

Martyrs Foundation announced the agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs set families of the martyrs of higher education as diplomats at the ministry.
According to a statement of the institution received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that a delegation of public relations in the organization visited the Foreign met with the agent managing the ministry Nizar goodness of God to discuss several issues and themes, including the installation of certificate values ​​and the criminalization of the dark era. "
The statement pointed to "the agreement during the meeting, inter alia, naming coordinated between the Ministry and the institution."
He also agreed to "set families of the martyrs of the master's and doctoral campaign and political science who is fluent in languages ​​of the organization share in recruitment, mobility, only the terms of reference to the need of the ministry, according to diplomats" .