Hamoudi: There will be laws to include disabled in Parliament

He said board member of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Hamoudi that there is a serious will of the various political forces to find compromises and settlements task of the laws to be resolved in the coming period, noting that there will not be disabled in the House of Representatives to include laws.

Said Hamoudi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it after the conclusion of the season [Hussein unites us], sponsored by his office that "every law must go to the first and second reading and vote on it," noting that "in case of a problem between the blocs would intervene board Presidency to reach a final agreement and proceed with the adoption of the necessary legislation, including a law that the Federal Court and the National Guard as well as the laws that affect the needs of citizens. "
The statement added that "the evening Husseini opened for the third day and the last word to the Vice President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, delivered on his behalf by the Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education parliamentary Sherko Mirza, in which he stressed the need to unite against the common enemy that lawful everything and targeted all the Iraqi people.
He said, "We have a national duty is to provide what we can to support and help our armed forces and the Peshmerga and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, the enactment of laws to alleviate the suffering of our people As the legislative authority and authorized by the people."
In turn reviewed the Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments Parliament Abdel Azim and Healing During his speech the role of Imam Hussein [p] in the reform and victory over the enemies of religion from the tyrants and mighty, adding that a "Yeh contrary to the approach of Imam p Valhazeemh will be present inevitably Valhasin Quran walk on the ground."
The statement noted that "the season Alashouraia Xrakhctm religious lecture of the President of the Shiite Endowment Alaa al-Moussawi" .