A member of the parliamentary education calls for Parliament to reject the blessings of the new salary law

Biriwan Khilani parliamentary education committee
He asked a member of the parliamentary education committee of parliament to reject him new salary law and the withdrawal of confidence from the government if it insists on its implementation.

Biriwan Khilani said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, "better for the government to flex its muscles on the whales Fl corruption and recover stolen hundreds of billions rather than efficiencies and cut employees' salaries."
She said, "after a government decision last unfair about the pay scale and the reduction of university service allocations and the threat this decision of serious consequences for the higher education sector in Iraq, especially after the departure of the employees of universities in the massive demonstrations and sit-ins are open, I stopped the study in all Iraqi universities."
And she showed "I'm surprised and strongly denounced that the Iraqi government Pftl muscles at the Masters and the scientific competence and reduce their salaries and the salaries of staff under the pretext of reforms and spending cuts rather than Fl flex its muscles on the thieves of public money and whales corruption and the recovery of hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from the people's money, which had been smuggled abroad." .
And he demanded Khilani the House of Representatives to reject and prevent decision handed new salary and withdraw confidence from the government if it insists on this resolution because it would befall a large and important segments of the Iraqi people Balehiv, injustice and would have disastrous consequences for the education and life sectors in general and cause a brain drain to the outside instead of encouraging them to return to Iraq and depriving the country of these experiences .