Industry: General company of Diyala electric industries prepares the public and private sectors in its
October 28, 2015 0

The Ministry of industry and minerals confirmed the Diyala General Electric one of the industries Ministry equipping public and private production of transformers and electrical during the third quarter of this year.

The Director of the Media Center at the Ministry in a statement, Abdel wahed Al-shammari received news that the economy Ministry is equipped with electricity and a number of its segments where dispersed sales of electric wanalmkaiis transformer of all kinds and capacities and their chest and electricity Directorate General of electricity Center, d.g of electricity distribution/Karkh Resafe and Directorate-General for energy transport area Middle Euphrates electricity distribution one Thi and gas filling company in addition to processing private sector companies working on the implementation of electricity projects in Baghdad and other provinces And a number of citizens, reflecting sales volume amounting to (4) thousands of transformer distribution transformer capacity of one MVA 63 and approximately 10,000 electric meter.

Al-shammari also confirmed the company's ongoing quest to improve and increase production of transformers and electrical quantity and quality through better global origins, upheavals not activate national laws that protect the product leaving the full Glade before entering similar imported goods without uncensored and reliance on the formal criterion of numerical and qualitative lack in addition to compete with domestic companies that does not possess the competence of real production which negatively affect the marketing of products which registered a broad presence at the local level, which requires State support of their During control controls that restrict the entry of competing products, called on all ministries to cooperate seriously with the company for the acquisition of various products with international quality certificate to encourage domestic industry.