The parliamentary economy suggests a new currency to address the economic crisis

October 28, 2015 0

It was suggested that a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, a new currency to address the economic crisis.

He said Abdel Salam Al-*‐Maliki, told the Agency "the economy followed news that" what we stress is that the plans laid down by the State in connection with the wizards need more cash investment process or encourage industrial or agricultural aspects, for example, the State can change the currency setting for Iraq even put new currency to deal with the economic crisis as Iran did to the dollar in two and enhance the capacity of the Iraqi dinar by introducing a new currency and the process are local solutions Pots so the State can address the confusing economic situation ", adding that" our war wedaash and low oil prices and fluctuations in the world market, adding that the Iraq battlefield States it imports everything it needs real solutions. "
"Supposed to be a responsible financial policy his strong and courageous decision, either the survival of the status quo, there will be significant economic crisis and our concerns", noting that "today we are in the process of real processors are placed through financial policy just to rely on the experience of States".
Maliki stressed that "the State imports should not depend on oil as we are in a country that relies on oil sales revenue to pay salaries and other debts but this requires diversification of State resources either to impose fees, taxes or customs and introducing foreign investment.
He noted that "the State relies on foreign loans if they dropped the price of a barrel of oil will carry the State debt burden of balancing the interest rate on a large external debt, so the State can import Taiz g through the development of industrial and agricultural side and activating the role of the private sector".
He said the parliamentary economy Committee member, plans to strengthen the Iraqi economy is not an emergency plan, but the wizards plans section, which needs time, today we are going to fast processors as a new reform package which included central bank interest on loans granted to citizens through five trillion, the State also stressed banking facilities as
well as encourage the two sides of industry, agriculture and customs tariff activation ".

"We are going to activate this command, but he needs to build processors based on quick fixes and prosthesis, but require real solutions and this will open a new page of the subject of strengthening the Iraqi economy."

He was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Sarhan Ahmed, said on Tuesday that "Iraq on bankruptcy and economic abyss."