Tourism parliamentary demanding the fulfillment of money from foreign visitors fortieth

Commission asked for the parliamentary Tourism and Antiquities, on Wednesday, the fulfillment of the government money from all foreign visitors entering Iraq during a visit session, while confirming that the neighboring countries that have a religious tourism meet these amounts.
A member of the Committee MP Hussein Sharifi during a press conference at the parliament building and attended (range Press), said that "the country's ongoing economic reforms grounds that austerity and budget deficit and for the purpose to take advantage of all the state's resources, including border crossings requires the State Department to enter Iraqi territory fees are met." . Sharifi called "not to repeat the mistakes of the past years not to obtain money from entering Iraqi territory from foreign," noting that "neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, which has a religious tourism meet these amounts of visitors."
The member of the Committee that "Iraq is suffering a deficit to pay some expenses of the Iraqi state until it came to reducing employees' salaries," and urged the government to "be up to the responsibility of the fulfillment of financial fees in grants (visa) for visitors coming to Iraq for the purpose of visiting the holy shrines."
Sharifi and pointed out that "projections predict the entry of more than five million tourists to visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS)", calling on the government to "work on a simple deduction of a sum of money not less than $ 25 per visitor."
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