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Council members are returning to throughout Anbar province to hold its first session

27-10-2015 02:00 PM

Anbar Provincial Council held on Tuesday, its first in the province, after months on the Council members to leave the province because of the control of the organization 'Daash' at the center of the city of Ramadi.

A member of the Council of Staff behind Trmoz in a press statement, that 'the Council returned to throughout Anbar province to hold its meetings in which', noting that 'the Council held today, its first in the district of Khalidiya'.

He Trmoz, that 'the Council will host during the Anbar police chief Maj. Gen. Hadi Rseg meeting to discuss matters related to restructured and led the Anbar police, as well as discuss the return of the dismissed officers and Associates'.

He pointed out that 'The Council will also discuss special education file and evening students exams, as well as displaced people and their problems and their suffering and how to find quick solutions to help crisis'.