Abdul-Mahdi: we have achieved a remarkable increase oil production and manufacture ..

Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Wednesday, recording a significant increase oil production during the current year compared to the year 2014, and pointed out that the Iraq country's second producer and exporter of OPEC countries, as revealed that the next term will actually move to stop liquid gas import, and work on export , he stressed that Iraq is seeking out that there is a remarkable development in a final stop gas flaring during the next two years.
Adel Abdul-Mahdi said in a speech during the opening of the conference scientific third of oil and gas in Iraq's Maysan province under the slogan (wealth hydrocarbon ensure a better life), and attended by, the (long-Presse), "The developments in the fields of gaseous and oil sectors, important and significant accomplishments, we are in dire need to such conferences and research, as well as our need for the minds of our scientists and wings Mlakatna to provide this wealth upon which Iraq and the world. "
Abdul-Mahdi said that "Iraq has a high reserves of oil and gas, which ranks second in the producing countries and oil-exporting OPEC, it is possible that ranked fifth in the gas case complete exploration of this area," adding that "the progress witnessed in Iraq, has been made since September 2014 to September 2015, in the area of ​​crude oil production, where oil production in September 2014, all the southern ports and the subsidiaries for the oil ministry of oil, and therefore not included in these figures are produced by the Kurdistan region. "
Abdul-Mahdi said that "oil production in September 2014 was 3,000,198 thousand barrels of oil, became in September 2015-3 millions of 756 thousand barrels", stressing that "high important and growing area of ​​oil production is only what is produced by oil companies such as Northern Oil and Missan Oil and the center and south of the oil production. "
Abdul-Mahdi, and pointed out that "the export rate increased from 2,000,535 thousand barrels in September 2014 to 3,000,051 thousand barrels in 2015, which is also great increase in Iraq's oil exports," noting that "refined in 2014 oil rate was 435 000 barrels, Because of what has been lost in Baiji and lost the other refineries in Sharqat, modern and Tal Afar, so Iraq's production of refined in 2013 oil was more than these numbers was around 639 thousand barrels in 2013 fell to 435 thousand barrels in 2014, and today we repeat 469 thousand barrels in our refineries also in center and south and north oil. "
Abdul-Mahdi stressed that "the only thing that we are witnessing the waiver is imports, after a decline in oil prices, was in September 2014 6 billion and $ 916 million in that month, and did not exceed Unfortunately in 2015.3 billion and $ 700 million," stressing that "this The achievements of the numbers, for our companies and our ministry, as despite the financial squeeze and falling oil prices, which led to a decline in investment and operational budgets high and high numbers have been achieved. "
Abdul-Mahdi stressed that "there are other figures in the great effort of the oil companies and the ministry in the field of electric power processing of liquid gas, gas oil, crude oil, black oil, all of these things actually processed by the ministry of petroleum and our companies", pointing out that he "made important steps in all workplaces, including in Halfaya, who was a few years before the desert and today has become a big green oasis thanks to the efforts Maysan Oil Company and Petrojayna offering and extend our thanks to them to contribute to host this conference. "
He revealed the oil minister of the existence of "efforts to stop the gas burn completely, after that the ministry has adopted the stop burning half the amount of gas during the short period of time may not exceed two years from now," pointing out that "we have reached another milestone in stopping the burning of massive amounts of gas still half Gas burns but today we control the other half and hope to reach to stop gas flaring. "
Abdul-Mahdi, and pointed out that "Iraq could only practice and we import only very small amounts of liquid gas," and expressed hope that "we stop once and for all import any amount of it may turn over a short period to exporters."
Abdul-Mahdi said that "oil is the most important real accounts of the country, where it is less than 70% of national production, and more than 90% of the state budget and this great imbalance requires treatment", calling for "the link between the oil sector, professionally and scientifically and between the Iraqi Ttoralmojtma to take advantage citizen, and the poor and disadvantaged in the country's oil wealth and that really touches in the development of services. "
A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in previous statements, that the conference will discuss over two days in search of 49 across 10 sessions, including extraction and liquidation affairs, the environment, energy and nanotechnology.

The researchers presented from Iraq, Russia, China, Malaysia, Iran and the European Union 223 a summary of the conference, were nominated to be 194 then choose 60 in search of them.

The first Conference of the oil and gas held in the province of Basra in 2011, while the second conference was held in Baghdad in 2013.

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