Dawa: we reserve the right to sue Al-Jazeera to lies untouched history

Dawa: we reserve the right to sue Al-Jazeera to falsehoods prejudicial to our history, Islamic Dawa party issued a statement denouncing the documentary (black box) which aired on Al-Jazeera television screen, it includes "the intentional abuse of the most prominent symbols of the political process" in Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki threatened to sue the channel.

In a statement, "Al-Jazeera has recently presented a documentary entitled the black box, in line with his provocative and hostile approach to the political process in Iraq and an attempt to detract from victories by Iraq in the face of the most notorious terrorist organizations, which are the island stands ready to help other media organizations to promote and parties dealing with him".

The statement said "the timing of the production notes this program felt (the island) to defeat this terrorist organization by Iraqi forces and heroes of the popular crowd, tried distracting public opinion and global ideas and content aimed at influencing these triumphs and reducing glare Media Pro has".

The statement said "the film contains obvious intentional abuse to prominent symbols of the political process in Iraq, who is the Secretary-General of the Islamic Dawa party, Mr. Nouri al-Maliki, without regard for the most elementary norms and standards of journalism which claims falsely transcribe wemhntitha Island, confirmed once again falling in misinformation and distorting the facts after that allowed itself to exposed ends talk of ignorance say history ancient party counterpart in Arabic and Islamic political scene".

The Islamic Dawa party in his statement, saying that "Al-Jazeera with her lie and abuse of national symbols and symbol is the Secretary-General of the Islamic Dawa party, Nouri al-Maliki; Ledger had revealed the identity of the Baathist aggression and proved for all standing opposite of the aspirations of the Iraqi people through accusations of crudely fabricated false his voice to man hundreds of thousands of Iraqis".

He stressed that "the island still frets about past criminal Baath Stainer with the blood of the Iraqi people and the peoples of neighbouring countries, produced a documentary (black box) which was prepared and carried out in a manner that Baathist and hostile policy of the party was its share from altisab basins and executions, the forged documents are baseless accusations and allegations of crimes without evidence confirming the presence of the fingerprints of Baathist behind the documentary".

He stressed that "Islamic Dawa Party retains the right to sue Al-Jazeera on accusations and lies which sought to prejudice the history of Islamic Dawa party attempted to distort the process led him and his men, as the Party retains the right to establish proceedings against channel and engaged in the preparation of the film to the competent courts and download the island responsible for compromising the party's history and the reputation of their leaders".