Integrity: Corruption prosecuted 130 officials during the reign of al-Maliki

Writings Tuesday, October, 201 527

He wrote Ahmed Al Nuaimi announced the Integrity Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, the involvement of 130 officials in the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in corruption and waste of public money issues, pointing to the weakness of the current government steps in detecting corrupt files and transmit them to crack.

The head of the Integrity Committee Talal Zobaie, in a press statement that 'the ongoing investigations in the files of corruption condemned al-Maliki and most of his ministers the files of corruption relating to contracts arming and licenses for oil and projects Astosmar'.oodhav Zobaie that he' will be issued arrest warrants and the introduction of the right of ministers and many officials in the state of agents Ministries and directors of two years', pointing out that these commands 130 Sttaul responsible.

Zobaie criticized the performance of the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi, explaining that 'government support to detect these weak files, does not correspond with the size of rampant corruption in the institutions that Ath'.ookd' available several convictions against al-Maliki, who took over as prime minister between 2006 - 2014, as well as Cabinet members in the previous two Overnmtah, most of them convicted of corruption files related to armament and investment projects and granting oil licenses and many other files'.

This comes in conjunction with the insistence of the parliamentary political blocs not to befriend any of the budget next year, in 2016 terms, unless they are providing revealed previous years in which he was al-Maliki as prime minister accounts, which was broken by the corruption of operations is estimated at $ 350 billion, according to reports of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, which it raises Unlike in parliament especially from State of Law bloc led by al-Maliki and occupies 80 seats out of parliament's 328 seats.

The Financial Recovery Service of the Integrity Commission has stated in a report released in 2012, two years from the end of the reign of al-Maliki before the '37 government official involved files a major corruption fled outside Iraq, including three ministers, and more than a trillion dollars were smuggled out of the country '.

The parliamentarians have revealed wasted Maliki about $ 27 billion in grants arming and create a fake military hospitals decades, from among several files Ttaulha charges Balvesad.oatalib human rights activists and citizens of the international community to prosecute al-Maliki as a war criminal, against the backdrop of a huge corrupted files and financial operations of genocide and the liquidation of scientists and officers and citizens for sectarian reasons, and the leadership of armed militias and death squads.

He says human rights Aqeel al-Moussawi, Maliki accused An'nora tens files affair is the least corrupt files .. and the international community should be tried as a criminal Hrb'.ccant al-Maliki government and the Iraqi parliamentary sources have revealed in a statement the 'new Arab' last September, that the current Prime Minister , ordered the withdrawal of about 100 law approved by al-Maliki, was converted to the parliament for the purpose of approving a constitutional, noting that al-Abadi order a re-pull those laws for the purpose of study and modify.