Parliamentary Economy: Investment Law will open a window of new revenue for the country

Date: 10/27/2015 15:44

The head of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani, Tuesday, that the investment, which was voted upon today's meeting law, comes into contact with the country's need and opens another window of revenue instead of relying on a single revenue for the budget.

Bolani said at a news conference at the parliament building, in the presence of members of the committees of the economy and the legal Alniabaten and attended by the correspondent Agency / information / "The law will enter into the housing development of curricula and the granting of new exemptions and privileges positively reflected on the housing unit buyer."
He added that "the law will give the facilities in all areas with the granting of provincial powers decentralized Add to protect the foreign investor with a protection of joint investments and the granting of facilities in the area of loans and allocation of plots through the single window to support the national economy and provide important revenue for the budget."
For his part, head of the parliamentary legal committee, Mahmoud Hassan, that "the law came to the provisions of sophisticated and strict conditions on Almtlkian the implementation of projects in addition to the law that allowed the parties to resort to international arbitration." Finished / 25 Q