Abadi adviser: new salary scale will not apply in the next month and work is underway to modify it
Tuesday October 2015 - 12:02 27 write a comment
The appearance of Mohammed Saleh
Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the new salary ladder will not apply next month for the existence of committees conducting some amendments to it at the present time.
Saleh said in a statement to Radio tow the committees in the Council of Ministers initiated changes to peace while noting the existence of the possibility to postpone it or be incorporated into the general laws as the law of the Federal service, noting at the same time that he was not aware of the peace that came within the reform process until after approval by the Council of Ministers.

He noted that the problem in Iraq is that the adoption of the employee's salary be on allocation and not on the nominal salary as those allowances and privileges embarked so many laws but he also did not leave the balance that all employees' salaries will organize a unified law is not affected rise and fall.
Experiencing Basra and other cities demonstrations and sit-ins to protest the new salary scale and the decision of the central government's decision to reduce their salaries and their allowances cut.