Do not pass on the Law of the Federal Court without the consent of the Kurds

By Mohammed Emad

28/10/2015 01:08

Brother - Baghdad
Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed Wednesday that a requirement of the Kurdistan Alliance blocking the deal on the draft of the Federal Court Act in the House of Representatives, noting that approval of the law requires the approval of the Kurdistan Alliance, or some of his limbs.

He said committee member MP Ibtisam Hilali "The draft of the Federal Court Act is not agreed politically in the parliament until now, because of the demand of the Kurdistan Alliance."

She explained Hilali, that "the Kurdistan Alliance, asked the court to be related to the Kurdistan province unanimously by the members of the Court decisions," indicating that "it is possible to apply it."

She added, "The passing of the bill will be two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives with the approval, any approval of the National Alliance and the Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the national forces," indicating that "pass the law needs to the approval of the Kurdistan parties or from him."

The parliamentary legal committee announced that, in (12 August 2015), the lack of the will of the political blocs in the House of Representatives for the passage of the Federal Court Act.