Hamoudi: the economy of the country will move after the vote on the investment law

10.28.2015 at 10:30 (GMT Baghdad)

BAGHDAD - scales News
Confirmed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi said a vote on the second amendment to the Law on Investment will contribute to accelerate the move economic development and support of investment projects in the country, as well as his role by encouraging the owners of foreign capital and provide a safe environment for them.

Said Hamoudi in a statement received / scales News / copy of "adoption of this law will be added to a series of important laws that have been its legislation through the Council of the current House of Representatives cycle period and including a law of political parties and labor, in addition to the Law of Treaties contract and the law to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism and that It came within the parliamentary reforms package which determined the legislative institution implemented in this session. "

Referred to as the Hamoudi held a series of meetings to discuss the approval of the law, he said at the last meeting on solutions to all its points of contention, to facilitate and support the process of investing in different stages, particularly in the residential, industrial and agricultural area ", was done during a meeting Balijnta economy, investment and financial Alniabaten before vote on it today. I ended 29/4 e