Thani..qanon invasion of the type of investment allows transferring the ownership of the land to foreign investors

10.28.2015 at 10:49 (GMT Baghdad)

Special scales News
A source in parliament, on Wednesday, for the investment law guarantees paragraph selling the land to the foreign investor and voted on by Parliament.

The source told / scales News /, that "the head of the government investment Sami Araji instructed to members of the committees of the economy, investment and financial Alniabaten put paragraph allows the foreign investor to own land in Iraq as part of the Second Amendment to the investment law and voted on by parliament."

He added, "The vote on that paragraph," the invasion of the second type, "as he put it," adding that "the manna was supposed to lease the ground and not have this loss of the wealth of the people."

It is said that he "revealed Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, head of the government for the investment Sami al-Araji, a" broadcast-point bomb "investment law enables foreign investor from buying Iraqi territory."

He said Al-Harthy earlier, L / scales News / that "al-Araji, has to" broadcast-point bomb "in the investment law and to" interests did not know "so far the expense of Iraq," explaining that "those points is transferring the ownership of the land to a foreign investor pretext bring investment companies to Iraq. "

He said Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary "Some of the users and beneficiaries of Araji and agreed to pass those points according to their interests away from the interest of the country in general," noting that "those points included the second amendment in the Investment Law and the approval of the financial and economic committees Alniabaten".

Al Harthy, pointed out that "those points will return to Iraq seventy years back before the nationalization of the oil companies where the investor controls the money and the land and the wealth of the country," the surprising "that the business is
It is said that "the Chairman of the amendment of the Investment Law Nora Albjara confirmed that the amended investment law will provide 50% of the workforce for the Iraqis."

"The House of Representatives had voted on the second amendment to the law on investment in its Tuesday" .anthy / 29 / d 24