The Minister is expected to start in Iraq, "severe" financial crisis since the next month

Wednesday 28-10-2015 | 8:44:23

Twilight News / anticipate and Iraqi Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi on Wednesday that the severe financial crisis in the country starting next month, while that attributed to the continued decline in oil prices and the war against the terrorist organization Daash.

Al-Zubaidi and wrote on the social networking pages and seen by Twilight News, "The continuing fall in oil prices by 60% with the continuation of the war on Daash costs requires objective measures of austerity of not less than 60%."

He said that with respect to assignments investment and operational and the absence of these objective measures in the legislative and executive branches would put the government in a deficit position for the payment of the necessary supplies, including the salaries necessary, such as health and the ration card and a network of social welfare and operational assignments, he said, adding, "I expect a severe financial crisis next month."

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did not hide yesterday during a meeting with a number of university professors seriousness of the financial situation in the country due to the continuing fall in oil prices to the lowest levels.