Economist urges the government through / scales News / activation fee visitors

10/25/2015 13:39 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Called economic expert contrary goldsmith, Sunday, the government to impose duties on foreign visitors during the month of Muharram attributing the cause to it is a constant resource throughout the year and enhances the doors of fiscal revenue for the state.

He said the goldsmith's / scales News / he was "in the financial situation that Iraq is going through must be initialized all supplies that strengthen the doors of the financial strengthening of the capacity of the state," stressing that "investment in the religious side is required or the so-called religious tourism, an important resource to enhance the country's revenue assumed in circumstance that is going through. "

He added that "We have to work to strengthen these resources Khalaloda fees for the entry of visitors to the city Krblaneoo visits other cities Ksamera and the city of al-Kadhim or Najaf, especially that these holy cities where the annual ceremony make visitors year-round flock it."

He said the jeweler that "this financial resource through the imposition of fees visit will enhance the financial capabilities of the country as it will enhance the capabilities of the relevant provinces to carry out the duties of visitors."

"Flock of thousands of visitors annually from around the world to Iraq to visit holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf and Kazma, as well as some religious monuments and tourist areas" ended up 29/4 e