After the care of a "personal opposition" .. Keywords withdraw from the forum to discuss the constitutional experiment in Iraq

10/25/2015 18:29 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - scales News
Governor of the Central Bank revealed agency on the Keywords, on Sunday, for his withdrawal from the forum for dialogue on the Iraqi constitution and constitutional experience in Iraq Aerott after the announcement of the sponsorship by personal opposition to the political process and "controversial."

Keywords and said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, "Studies and Strategic Research Centers in Lebanon drew me an invitation to participate in the Forum in Beirut to talk about the Iraqi constitution and constitutional experience in Iraq," noting that he "told a number of the current House of Representatives and former from various blocs Iraqi academics and political participation after emphasize the independence of this center. "

The statement added that "already invited and attended the dialogues were purely professional, but I was surprised by the announcement some of the sites for the care of the forum by one of the opposition political figures and controversial process."

And eternal relationships According to the statement, strong objection to "politicize the forum and run it for the benefit of a certain party," revealing at the same time that "those responsible for the forum expressed their deep regret at what happened and the lack of knowledge, including the deployment of him," adding, "announced the official my withdrawal from the Forum hotel and left to another place ". It ended 29/28