Economist: government is serious financial diversifying sources of income for the country after the austerity budget

10/25/2015 20:17 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Stressed the economic expert contrary goldsmith, said on Sunday that the government is serious in diversifying the sources of income and material revenue for the country after the financial austerity budget for next year.

He said the goldsmith's / scales News /, that "Iraq is now an urgent need to diversify and expand sources of income at the country, especially after the decline in oil prices, which relies on class basis, which resulted in substantial financial austerity For the second year Tuwalia in the budget," adding "We must be there the diversity of sectors in order to be supportive shape and supported institution for the state. "

The economist said that "previous governments did not have" policies "are clear for the repair and building of a strong and solid economy in Iraq, where it was just the policies and decisions improvisational taken in formality only," stressing at the same time that "the government is now serious about diversifying financial sources in order to plug winning in the budget. "

It is said that "the economic expert on behalf of Antoine confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, that Iraq suffers from a high rate of poverty and unemployment, and among the cement plants have stopped even though she owns there Vogue market in Iraq because of the scarcity of buildings and Almnazl.anthy 29 9 / P