How trillion provided him the new salary to the state treasury?

Sunday 25-10-2015 | 11:19:45

Twilight News / Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Adviser to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Sunday that the new salary scale provided three trillion dinars.

Saleh said in an interview broadcast TV Sumerian "The salary of the President of the Republic has been reduced from 77 million to eight million dinars, as well as the salary of the prime minister and the rest of the salaries gradually", adding that "This came after calls by the religious authority and the Iraqi street."

He added that "the new salary ladder provided the amount of three trillion, some of which went to the budget, while others went to other segments of the staff," stressing that "doctors and members of the armed forces excluded from it."

Saleh also revealed, for "the existence of eight million poor in Iraq," asserting the existence of "a million and a half million beneficiaries of social protection network salaries ranging between 50 thousand to 170 thousand dinars."